Art Assets: Pixel Style – Characters

Art Assets: Pixel Style – Characters

Preview image of included graphics in a pixel art style.
Preview image of characters included

This CC-By-3.0 art asset pack includes ten more characters in a pixel art style; cat, dog, bunny, chicken, skeleton, car, spaceship, viking, robot and unicorn. Art made by Christina Lassheikki.

The pack also includes simple animations for the following characters –
cat, dog, chicken, car, spaceship, viking and robot:

Gif animation of galloping cat.
Cat animation
Gif animation of idle dog.
Dog animation
Gif animation of impatient chicken.
Chicken animation
Gif animation of walking viking.
Viking animation
Gif animation of car.
Car animation
Gif animation of yellow spaceship
Spaceship animation
Gif animation of bouncy robot.
Robot animation

Download the Art Asset pack as a .zip-archive:

All assets made available in the Playable Concept project are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Please credit Christina Lassheikki / Playable Concepts when using these assets.