Here we have gathered some resources on how to improve your game design, how to add your own graphics and animations, and how to play sounds in your Construct 3-game.

Before you start

These tutorials assume you are somewhat familiar with Construct 3 from before. If you’re not, we recommend our Tutorial 1 – How to start? which introduces most concepts in these tutorials as well. 

These tutorials do come with example files, but you will get the most out of them if you are working on your own game.

Let’s get started!

Tutorial on audio

How about some sound effects or music? In this tutorial you will learn the basics of adding your own audio to your Construct 3-project. You can also download our free audio samples:

Tutorials on graphics

You’ve made a game – great! In these tutorials we’ll look at how to improve the graphics of your game. We’ll go over importing art assets and using the playable concepts art packs, the Construct 3 animations editor, tiled backgrounds, animations in Construct 3, and text objects. These are all ways in which the overall look of your game can be improved.

Once your game looks finished and ready to share with the world, go to tutorial 4: