Start learning how to make your own Playable Concept games using Construct 3

Here you can find some useful information about how to make your own Playable Concepts using Construct 3. Construct 3 is an easy-to-learn game making tool with HTML5 build option, where you can make your own 2D game in your web browser. Our tutorials will guide you from the very basics of making a game (Tutorial 1), to modding our game library games (Tutorial 2), to adding graphics and sound (Tutorial 3) all the way to sharing, embedding and publishing your game (Tutorial 4).

Feel free to share the tutorials with your students, friends and colleagues!

We hope you find these tutorials useful and accurate. They have been created in April and May 2020, using Construct r197.2. If you find issues in the tutorials, or have requests for more tutorials, please let us know! You can find our contact details on:

1 – Get started making your first game:

2 – Learn how to use the game art assets and game library:

3 – Learn more about graphics and audio in Construct 3:

4 – Learn how to share your game with the world

Other easy-to-learn game making tools?

In addition to Construct 3, Playable Concepts can be created using any game-making tool that allows for embedding of the game. Here’s an assortment of other tools that are beginner-friendly:

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